Crypto wallets are the important one these days as it is providing the convenience to trade and shop anywhere and anytime. The Keepkey Wallet is one of the famous crypto wallets next to the trezor and ledger nano. This keepkey is the good one for digital currency users to start using for storing cryptocurrencies safe and secure. It is the cold wallet as the security is high in this hardware wallet. It is very helpful for keeping your information safe from cybercriminals. Even when you are connecting this wallet to the virus infected device, it will not affect it. The reason is that this keepkey contains the feature accordingly.

Compatible Keepkey Wallet

Nowadays, the wallet should be the secure and safe one for the customers to use. Therefore keeping this in mind, the company has provided a high designed and fully secured wallet. There will not be any problem in the transaction, and also it contains a lot of the recovery options. The device is completely durable than the other hardware wallets. It contains more space, which means it is easy to store more crypto keys and coins easily. There will not be any digital problems like spying and others, including proper security. The display that is present in the keepkey is comfortable to see the cryptocurrency address. It is a more useful one for the keepkey wallet users. There is only one button present which is for turning OFF and ON. The screen is user-friendly and also gives good comfort. Its scratch-resistant nature will help you view the address clearly and transact easily. The installation of the keepkey wallet is simple as this takes only a few minutes.

Crypto Coins That Wallet Supports

Unlike other crypto wallets, this keepkey is good for supporting only forty coins. You can find the various types of the crypto coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin gold, DASH, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Thus only a limited number of digital assets is available for the users. It is a more comfortable one for the users who are just beginning to trade in digital currency. You will also have the option to install the software inside the wallet and then add PIN protection and should follow other steps. Therefore when you have the digital currency account in the various cryptocurrencies that this wallet is supporting, then it will be the cool one for the users. There will not be any issues as this gives the full security.

Price Of Keepkey Wallet

The price of the keepkey wallet at the initial launching time will be around 240 dollars. After that, the company reduced its price. It is a more affordable one for the customers to purchase. The price of the keepkey wallet was around eighty dollars a few years back. You can get the new features like fireproof and waterproof with extra few bucks. Now the current price of this hardware wallet is available for around 50 dollars.

Unique Nature

The hackers of cryptocurrencies will no longer have the chance to hack anything as the keepkey has full security. It is an offline wallet and provides a good user-friendly nature and also compatible size. When compared to the other wallets, this may be a little big, but it will surely be a handier one for the users to take them anywhere like mobile or other gadgets. There is no spying option as this hardware wallet is in the correct design. It is the best cold wallet for saving any number of cryptocurrencies without fail. The complete storage will give the option to safely store the private keys and the crypto coins. The device is especially easy to use in any device irrespective of the malware or other virus problems. It is a more interesting and useful feature for crypto users to use. The PIN code and recovery seeds are important for the keepkey users. The device will automatically change the PIN code in the regular interval to keep your crypto assets safe and secure. You have to hide recovery seeds as this will also give a chance for the hackers to explore your wallet and hack all your crypto coins.

Launch Keepkey Wallet

The keepkey launching is very simple as you should have a computer, chrome browser, keepkey hardware wallet, USB cable, keepkey client App, recover sentence card. It is always a good one for the users to purchase from a valid seller with full trust. It is always good to not purchase the product when you see open package seal. Therefore it is important to notice many things as the cyber attack may cause if you are careless. The package of the Keepkey wallet consists of a Wallet, USB cable, recovery phrase backup card, warranty information, and instruction manual. Therefore, when you start using the keepkey wallet, you have to notice that it contains a computer, chrome browser, keepkey client app, and the items included in the package.

Initial Set Up

Before you start using the keepkey wallet, you have to provide the ID and the PIN number to keep the crypto transaction safe and secure. In this, you have to simply download the keepkey client app on the mobile. Then you have to open the app and initialize using the label. Now you have to provide the nine-digit PIN number. Once you have confirmed it, you have to provide the recovery phrase containing 12 words. You can hold the button to confirm. It is enough to start using this hardware wallet.


This keepkey wallet is the safe and secure one for cryptocurrency users. The digital currencies you are going to trade can be within the forty assets it is supporting. But the experience that you are getting will be easy and simple. It is the best cold Wallet that gives double protection from cybercriminals. The price of the wallet is also less in recent times, so this is the beginners should have to try this one. The Keepkey Wallet company will try to reduce the size of the wallet in the future.