Are you looking for the best wallet to store Cryptocurrencies? Well, the SafePal wallet is an ideal option. The company offers secure software and hardware wallet for digital currency traders. In addition, the wallet is linked with the SafePal application. It enables the user to store and manage Cryptocurrencies safely. While setting up an account, you can get the 12 or 24-digit recovery phrases. Furthermore, it enables you to Recover the Safepal Wallet if you lose your wallet.

Are all Cryptocurrencies lost? It is one of the common questions that every crypto wallet user asks. No, you don’t lose your assets, and when you have the recovery seed, it is possible to recover the wallet. Thus, it would help if you stored the recovery phrase in a safe place. If anyone writes down the private key on paper, they are more likely to lose them.

Even if paper destroys, you will lose your Cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you need an effective method for storing the private key. Moreover, you can choose a software or hardware wallet that is more secure than paper. At present, many crypto wallets offer multi-functional storage. Let’s take a quick look at how to recover the Safepal crypto wallet:

Is it possible To Recover The Safepal Wallet Through Mnemonic Phrases?

Of course, you can Recover Safepal Wallet via mnemonic phrase and get your crypto assets. Mnemonic Phrases are known as seed phrases for decentralized crypto wallets. The recovery backup is the ownership proof of Cryptocurrencies. It is created under various standards. For example, Secure Pal supports BIP39/44 as a crypto gap standard. So if anyone gets your seed phrase, they can access your crypto assets in the wallet.

Therefore, you need to store the recovery seed in a secure location. In addition, the seed phrase is available in different sets such as 12, 15, 18, and 24 words. It can vary based on selecting a recovery backup while setting up the new wallet. A longer recovery phrase is safe than the shorter one. The hacker cannot be able to find your seed so the user can stay in peace of mind.

Solution For Recover Safepal Wallet Issues

For the beginner, it isn’t easy to set up and recover in the crypto wallet. However, if you face any issues in the Safepal wallet, you can contact Safepal Customer Service. The company is committed to offering an effective customer support service to users. You can speak with the experienced technician by using the following methods:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Live chat

The experts are trained to fix all kinds of issues in the Safepal crypto wallet. It includes login issues, not able to transfer crypto, buying or selling problems, forgetting passwords, and much more. No matter what problems you are facing, you can call to customer support phone number and get an instant solution.

Procedure To Recover Safepal Wallet Via Recovery Seed

Safepal supports Cryptocurrency wallet recovery with the help of a mnemonic seed. The mnemonic seed is the private key, which does not encrypt. The private key has sixty-four hexadecimal character strings. But the recovery seed is the set of 12, 24 words. So it is simple to read, write, and back up digital currencies. Let’s see a few steps on how to Recover Safepal Wallet:

Download SafePal application

The first step is that you should download the new version of the SafePal App from its official site. Then, contact Safepal Customer Service if you cannot download the latest app on your device. Experts provide clear steps to download and install the app.

Setup Security Password

After downloading the app on your device, you need to open and set them up. Creating a secure password is important while setting up the Safepal crypto application. You need to create a secure password with letters and numbers. Remember that the crypto wallet password should contain eight Alphanum. The users can replace the security setting like quick payment, fingerprint, or pattern with the security password.

Safepal doesn’t store the recovery seed, private key, and others after setting the security password. So, you need to note down the password in a safe place. If anyone forgets the wallet password, the only method to restore assets is to reinstall the Safepal application and recover them to the wallet without hassle.

Setup Pattern And Fingerprint If Required

Two useful features in the crypto wallet are pattern and fingerprint. It helps save the user’s time and effort logging into the wallet. These security features are optional; you can skip this step if an individual does not need to set them up. If anyone setups the fingerprint, you can use your fingerprint to sign in to the application’s setting. Hence, the user does not want to enter a password during every transaction.

Recover Your Crypto Wallet

After completing the setup process, the user can Recover the Safepal Wallet. Here are three steps to recover the Safepal crypto wallet:

  • First, select software wallet and click on import wallet options
  • Pick import through mnemonic phrase
  • Then enter a security password or mnemonic phrase

If You Need To Eliminate The Wrong Wallet Recovery, You Should Pay Attention To The Following Details.

  • Modifying the order of the recovery phrase words will lead to various crypto wallets. Thus, you need to enter the seed property to recover your assets.
  • Safepal crypto applications support various recovery seeds ranging from 12 and 15 to 24 words per set.
  • When the input changes into red, you have provided the wrong recovery seed. Therefore, it does not go to the BIP39/44 words. So, you should cross-check the seed or renter the 2048 seed words.
  • Those who have set the passphrase for the crypto wallet can hit passphrase and enter the correct password.
  • If you have entered the seed words correctly, you can click on the import wallet option.

Finish Recovery Process And Add Coins

Well done! The crypto wallet has been successfully recovered. It would help if you double-checked whether the imported wallet is correct or not by checking the wallet’s address. Then, you can add your Cryptocurrencies and tokens to the wallet.

SafePal – What Does It Mean?

SafePal offers a robust platform for storing, managing, and protecting Cryptocurrencies. In addition, it provides the first cold wallet with Binance. More than two million people use the safe pal wallet in around hundred-forty countries. With the help of the safe pal application, digital assets around different wallets are connected.

It lets the user manage and protect digital currencies and makes it easy to buy cryptos. SafePal has unmatched methods for sourcing the finest components due to its hardware at an affordable rate. The company helps the user to save funds instead of making more profit. So, they offer a cost-effective crypto wallet to the customer.

Before You Go!

The trader should ensure that Cryptocurrencies are protected like other investments. The SafePal wallet and SafePal App is the best way to store digital currencies safely. Safepal Customer Service is available round the clock, so you can contact the technician if you have an issue while recovering the crypto wallet. Every user should store a private key to protect their Cryptocurrencies and themselves. Remember, you would not be able to recover your assets without the private key or recovery phrase.