Paper Wallet is a piece of paper having the private and public keys which are printed on it. Normally, the paper wallets have a scannable barcode, which is created by the app. Bitcoin Paper Wallet is one of the effective ways of storing and getting access to the cryptocurrency offline. When you are printing the keys, they would be automatically removed from the cryptocurrency network. You would be getting the Token, but they would be inaccessible without the key. When you are using the Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance, it is one of the safest ways of offline transactions, and they will provide you the suitable results.

Checking Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance:

With the advancement in technology, storage technology has been widely increased and become quite popular with getting a valid way of storing the keys. When you are looking to store your cryptocurrency on paper then it is quite necessary to understand the importance of the paper wallet and how they work. Checking the Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance would be a much more efficient option for saving more money. Paper Wallets are paper copies of the public and private keys in Bitcoins. These are offline completely and helpful for making quick transactions.

How To Make Paper Wallet?

In the modern-day, most people have started to use Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and many others for making quick transactions. One of the safest methods of transaction is through the Paper Wallet. It would be a great option for accessing them even without any hassle. When you are looking to create the paper wallet then, you can follow the below instructions.

  • Access the
  • Move your mouse around the screen until you see the amount of randomness stating 100%.
  • Click the “Paper Wallet” button.
  • These give a better option to create a paper wallet to print
  • Access Generate field
  • Enter 1
  • You can also make several wallets
  • Click the “Generate” button
  • The display shows a paper wallet
  • Click the “Print” button

Steps To Check Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance:

Based on the paper wallet that is funded, these would hold the cryptocurrency balance apart from the Bitcoin. It would also result in significant added value for the paper wallet. Paper Wallet that was funded before October 2017 are gifted to the valuable Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. These would amount to the $2,500 USD additional with valuing the Bitcoin. Below are the steps for easily checking the Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance easily

Step 1: Decide The Right Service To Use

Normally, there are many blockchain explorers who developed particular cryptocurrency but not all of them works perfectly. The main reason is that not all covers the popular crypto coins. Below is the list of top crypto of your paper wallet

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • DogeCoin (DOGE)

Step 2: Find Your Public Key

Choosing the right Block explorer is most important, and then you can enter the Public Key in it. Normally, all the tools have been using the public keys for retrieving the transaction balance, history, and even the Fiat currency value.

Step 3: Copy The Public Key Into The Explorer

Now you can easily copy the Private Key in the required space on the Blockchain Explorer platform. It is convenient to make use of the QR code in a public address. You can also scan them instead of copying the address manually.

Upon copying the public key in the explorer, it would be a much more efficient option for checking Bitcoin Paper Wallet Balance even without any glitches. All the steps are helpful for viewing the wallet balance in cryptocurrency. For easily checking the balance, you could bookmark the block explorer link in the browser. It would give you a better option to enable ease of access. This would make the complete process simple and helpful for tracking the balance.

  • Open the app to check your paper wallets.
  • Scan QR code on paper wallet using the favorite wallet application
  • Check the amount contained in the paper wallet
  • Click “check wallet balance” on ATM’s screen
  • Scan QR code as well

How To Transfer Bitcoins To A Paper Wallet?

Sending the Bitcoin to the Paper Wallet is a much more efficient option, so it is quite a convenient option for storing them even without any hassles. In this process, you can either use the live wallet software or a web-based wallet. Some of the live wallet software are Bread, Trezor Mycelium, and more. Web-based wallets are,, and many more.

  • Open the wallet software or web-based wallet
  • Send funds from your live wallet to a public address
  • The public address will be shown on a paper wallet
  • Transfer funds
  • Search for the public key on
  • You would see the progress of the transaction

How To Withdraw Bitcoins Using A Paper Wallet?

Withdrawing the Bitcoin using the Paper wallet is a much simple process. with undergoing the simple process, it is quite a significant option for storing them anywhere even without any hassle.

  • Open the live wallet software.
  • Access funds will be “imported” or “swept” paper wallet
  • Transfer coins from paper wallet to live wallet

Sweep complete balance is one of the best options as they are not safer than spending a portion of the funds on a paper wallet. Normally, all the Bitcoin services or wallet software include the “spend from cold storage” or “private import key” feature. You need to accept private keys hidden in the folds of a paper wallet. Generally, all the paper wallets could not show the current balance as well as the value of holdings. You could check the balance along with the value in Fiat currency. It is quite a convenient option for using the blockchain explorer service. It is a convenient option for getting the different cryptos.

  • Install and set up a trustworthy Bitcoin wallet
  • Find Coinbase receiving address
  • Login to Coinbase
  • Go to ‘Accounts’
  • Click on the ‘Receive’ button for the Bitcoin account
  • Open up a paper wallet
  • Reveal private key as well as QR code
  • Scan private QR code

Compared to other methods of transactions, these paper wallets are quite a secure method for holding Bitcoin. The main advantage is the private keys that are not stored digitally, so it is quite difficult for the hackers to get access to it.