Would you like to start your journey in the Cryptocurrency World? Are you looking for the best crypto wallet for buying and selling cryptos? If yes, Exodus wallet is the best solution! It is one of the most popular non-custodial software in recent times. Exodus wallet allows the user to exchange, send or receive hundred of Cryptocurrencies without any hassle. Furthermore, it is easy to Add Money To Exodus Wallet compared to other crypto wallets. Let’s take a look at why choose Exodus wallet!

  • It has a user-friendly interface that enables folks to send or receive coins without trouble.
  • Besides, the customer support service is available in the wallet application. Thus, you can contact the expert whenever you have doubts.
  • The wallet supports more than a hundred coins that have the full support of exchanging, sending, and receiving.
  • The smartphone and desktop versions of Exodus crypto wallet offer enhanced convenience to users.

What Does Exodus Wallet Mean?

Exodus Movement is a publicly-traded firm in the united state that creates and maintains the Exodus software wallet. It is the best software crypto wallet in the modern era. Those who are looking for a wallet for a mobile phone can install an Exodus wallet that enables users to work together with blockchains. In addition, the user can maintain private keys and Cryptocurrencies in the wallet.
It is a multicurrency crypto wallet, which means the wallet can generate addresses and keys for numerous supported coins. The user needs to store the recovery seed phrase in a safe place. It is essential to restore the wallet, and if you lose the seed phrase, you can access your assets. Therefore, you never share keys with anyone because there is a chance of hacking your software wallet.

Thanks to the technology developments, the Exodus crypto wallet is now available on smartphones (android and iOS) and computers (Windows, Linux, and macOS). It would help if you had an excellent personal computer or mobile phone to install a wallet and access cryptos from your device. Then, no matter where you are, you can buy or sell Cryptocurrencies from the software wallet.

Procedure To Add Money To Exodus Wallet

Exodus crypto wallet comes with advanced features that simplify adding money to it. After funding the wallet, the users can create a backup that saves them from trouble. How can you Add Money To Exodus Wallet? Looking for simple ways to add funds? Well, this post is helpful for you! Here you can get a few tips on adding funds to the Exodus crypto wallet. It will help beginners to add money without difficulty.

  • First, open to exodus crypto wallet and click on the wallet option
  • Hit on the Cryptocurrency you need to deposit into the digital wallet.
  • Select receive option and see the wallet address on the screen.
  • You can use it to send the coin. So, you can copy the wallet address
  • Go to the place where you have stored the currency already. Paste the wallet address and check the address twice before sending the funds
  • After completing the transaction, you need to backup your wallet.
  • You can go back to the portfolio page and see the balance.
  • Every Cryptocurrency represents a particular percentage of the portfolio, and other coins would appear in different colors.

Exciting Features Of Exodus Wallet

A software wallet is a trouble-free method to manage the digital currency holdings of the person. Exodus wallet has plenty of helpful features that offer the most excellent benefits to the user. So, without hassle, you can Add Money To Exodus Wallet and start trading on Cryptocurrencies. Here are some features of the Exodus crypto wallet that everyone should know!

  • The most fantastic feature in the Exodus wallet is in-app exchange. It will eliminate the need for users to visit exchanges to purchase BTC or other currencies. Instead, the in-app exchange feature allows you to buy any cryptos easily.
  • The multicurrency wallet provides shares, especially for US consumers. In addition, exodus Movement Inc. is registered with the SEC, so it is good to buy stocks within the wallet.
  • On the other hand, the wallet has a portfolio tracker feature on desktop and mobile phones. If you open software, you can explore details about the performance of coins and tokens conveniently on the home page. It updates the balance regularly and displays them as real-time currency.
  • Besides, the Exodus wallet lets the Tezos, Cardano, VeChain, and other currencies holder assign stakes effortlessly. DeFi protocol focuses on offering liquidity for Cryptocurrency holders.

How Do You Secure The Exodus wallet?

Everyone knows software crypto wallet is easy to hack. People can access your crypto wallet and steal your coins because the software wallet is stored directly on the mobile phone or desktop. Do your hard drive crash? When someone steals your private keys, what happens? Everything is lost. Don’t worry; the solution is to back up your wallet! If anything happens, you can use the recovery seed phrase to restore your funds on the new Smartphone or desktop without hassle. Let’s see the steps to secure your Exodus wallet.

  • Open your wallet and click on the backup option.
  • Create the password to protect the device.

Note- password should contain 6-digit with unique characters, numbers, and letters.

  • Repeat the password and click on the Next button
  • Now, you will see 12 fields with dotted lines. Click everyone to reveal the private keys. You must note all private keys.

Note – you can store the private keys in a safe place. It is vital to recover your app and restore your coins and tokens.

  • Click on the next option. Go to profile and choose the security option to recover the 12-digit private key. Hit on recovery phrase and select view recovery phrase. Select it and tick on the finish option.

Bottom line

We hope now you have an idea to Add Money To Exodus Wallet. Exodus crypto wallet offers you more exposure to digital currencies and makes selling or buying coins hassle-free. You can install this crypto wallet on the desktop or mobile phone. Exodus wallet is highly recommended for the beginner.