Exodus is one of the popular wallets for crypto users to make the transaction safe and secure. People must choose the best wallet that provides access to a more number of cryptocurrency varieties. This exodus is the most useful one for the users as this provides the option to withdraw. But the main thing that you have to know is that this wallet will not allow the direct withdrawal of the cash. Therefore the user has to first convert the money to the FTX, and then you can transfer crypto to various other fiat currencies, which will be easy to withdraw. In this context, the problem of How can I withdraw from my Exodus Wallet? is present. It gives the perfect solution for the users. Call Us  +1(855) 751 2605.

Steps For How Can I Withdraw From My Exodus Wallet?

The conversion of the Cryptocurrency to normal cash is the most expected one. Here in this Exodus wallet, even though there is a good trading option and the various other features that give a safe and secure environment. It is always important for the users to convert the crypto to normal cash. It is not available inside the wallet directly, but when you are using the FTX app, then it is possible. You cannot withdraw the USD amount from the USD wallet, so you have to transfer the crypto coins to the FTX. Then using this app that is present in the Exodus wallet, you can use simply covert the coins to fiat money. It will be present in the FTX, which is comfortable to withdraw. The main thing that the users should note is that they should have completed level 2 identity verification or KYC. The reason for this successful transaction is that they can able to link the FTX account to the FTX app in the Exodus wallet.

Alternate Solution For The Question How Can I Withdraw From My Exodus Wallet?

Even when you do not have the FTX app, you can also use the coin base, a simple and user-friendly platform. This platform is available and legal in more than thirty countries worldwide. It is necessary for the users to check about its availability and start using it. This coinbase will allow the exchange of the normal crypto money for the fiat one. The fiat money will then be withdrawn easily using this platform that is present in the exodus wallet.

Solution For How Can I Withdraw?

It is important to note that the exodus wallet is for the trading of cryptocurrencies, giving various currencies to trade. The option for the conversion, selling, and ht other process is now easy, and also, the value of the money will be up to date. But in order to withdraw the money, you cannot use the exodus wallet directly. For this, you have to simply transfer the cryptocurrency to the platform that is supporting the exchange service. Platforms like the coinbase, Kraken, and many others are available. Then with the help of this, you can transfer them to your bank account.

How Can I Withdraw From My Exodus Wallet At The Right Time?

The maintenance of the time is also important as the users will never wait for a long time. So when you are using the platform, then you have to simply covert the crypto coins to the cash or fiat currencies. The conversion should be accurate and fast, so you have to choose the best exchange for this. Then the converted currency transfers to real money, which is present in the bank account. Since this Exodus wallet is the non-custodial one, it is safe for the users to use. Even if the fraudsters hacks your wallet, it will not cause any serious financial problems for the users. The time taken for the conversion is less as this wallet works fast and gives a secure transaction.

Procedure To Withdraw USD From The Exodus Wallet Via Pc And Mobile

Desktop Users

First, they have to simply open the exodus wallet, and then they have to select the FTX portfolio. The portfolio will contain USD coins, which are comfortable for the users to withdraw. Then they have to click on the Wallet icon. Here you have to select the network that is good for the stable withdrawal of coins. Then you have to click on withdraw. It is also important to note that the USDC can be withdrawn through Solana and Ethereum networks. Then you have to enter the USDC address and select the amount for withdrawal. The final step is to click on the withdraw icon.

Mobile Users

On mobile, you have to tap the FTX portfolio that is present in the Exodus wallet app. The portfolio that contains the USDC is necessary to select. Now go for the USD wallet. In this wallet, you can tap on send option. The network for sending is also chosen like the pc users. Thus you can choose either the Solana or Ethereum networks. Now you can enter the amount and the address to send. After this, you can click on withdraw option. The withdrawal of the amount needs some of the transaction charges. It is the reason that you have to check the network transaction fee before engaging in it. After you complete tapping on withdrawing, you can withdraw the amount, and the network will deduct the fee. It takes only a few minutes, and also after the approval of the transaction in the blockchain, you will get the fund in your hand.


Instead of worrying about not knowing the procedure to withdraw, you can use the above steps that are available in the content to withdraw. It is more comfortable and good for the users to make the transaction in a limited time. Whether you are using the pc or mobile is not the matter, but the withdrawal process of USDC is simple with the digital currency platforms support. The high quality transaction is possible for the uses that too in the limited time.