Corazon is the ultimate cryptocurrency with a Bitcoin wallet especially produced based on collaboration with the Trezor. Corazon is a new series of hardware cryptocurrency wallets released by GRAY. These wallets are made using CNC-machined aerospace-grade aluminum. It is enabled with a stunning look matte finish.  

Corazon Trezor Wallet
Corazon Trezor Wallet

Secure Cryptocurrency Transactions by Corazon Trezor Wallet T

GRAY and Trezor created the cryptocurrency wallet with high-end security. It offers a better option for adding more security features. In the modern-day, the Corazon Wallet has become a popular option to provide a digital currency experience. Corazon is a silver titanium device that delivers on both counts.

When you are looking for unparalleled and secure crypto transactions, then choosing Corazon Trezor Wallet is a perfect option. Corazon Wallet supports more than 1,000 Cryptocurrencies with 22 innovative security standards such as the Passphrase, Recovery seed, as well as Shamir Backup.

An Ultimate Vault For Crypto Accounts:

GRAY unveiled the CORAZON Partnering with Trezor to bring the ultimate vault for crypto accounts. Corazon is a hardware crypto wallet especially made from robust materials and boasts amazing secure internal software. It also lets to store the crypto coins offline with impervious digital vaults.

Corazon Wallet is equipped with security software based on the Trezor Core Firmware of Trezor Model T. These components sit perfectly within tamper-resistant manufactured by GRAY. U2F hardware token enabled to easily aid in authentication requests. 

Both the GRAY and Trezor provide the complete crypto security features with gaining the unparalleled space-age design. Corazon Trezor Wallet is the complete security keychain and enabled with the digital safe.

Trusted Verification With Security Keychain:

While being secure, Trezor Wallet T – Crypto Hardware Wallet is the complete open-source and helps you get frequently audited by the leading security researchers. You can easily verify its integrity and look for vulnerabilities; also you can suggest improvements. 

  • Trezor firmware especially brings you the complete safe Crypto private keys in a much more secure manner. These will be only accessible to you and gives you complete control over your account and transaction.
  • The Corazon Wallet hardware especially comes hermetically sealed within 2 robust CNC-machined titanium halves. 
  • Ultimate technology powers Trezor Model T with anchoring the CORAZON. A perfectly audited Open-source platform is fully transparent. 
  • Digital keys help you to easily access the Crypto coins and data within a few seconds. Corazon Wallet performs perfectly, and it has a responsive touchscreen paired with an intuitive web interface. 
  • Trezor created recovery seeds standards with BIP32/39/44 so they would give the power to recover a complete wallet with a 12-word recovery seed.

Robust CNC-Machined Materials:

GRAY brings you 100% encompassed security. A Crypto hardware wallet is designed with cutting-edge features and built from materials that are made to stand for long years. Hardware comes sealed within two robust CNC-machined titanium halves. These halves of the wallet are closed with a screw, and the resin is sealed with the joint.

Aerospace-grade materials in the hardware make it unique. The tamper-resistant design is enabled with the beautiful angle, which is obsessively pored with craftsmen to the smallest detail. 

Lightweight and incredibly strong physical hardware make the Corazon Wallet amazing to use. Corazon is perfectly designed to secure it from any external interference or temperature. Aerospace-grade” titanium case with CNC machined in Trezor Model T makes it a complete popular hardware wallet in the modern day.

Protect and Store Your Cryptocurrency:

GRAY released new series of hardware cryptocurrency wallets. T – Crypto Hardware Wallet is an amazing and safe way to manage a complete Crypto portfolio. 

Normally, online exchanges and other wallet providers have been hacked, and they prove to be unreliable. But the Secure Trezor security, along with the signature GRAY® luxury, is unmatched. Crypto wallet such as Corazon is the future of transactions of cryptos.

An Advanced Wallet For All:

Trezor embraces adding the luxury with the Gray thus launching the CORAZON Aluminium wallet. The T – Crypto Hardware Wallet is specially combined with elegant designs along with maximum security. GRAY is a Singapore-based luxury brand providing wonderful and innovative design products. SatoshiLabs is the creators of Trezor and GRAY partnered to bring the market CORAZON.

Color Variations:

CORAZON is enabled to build on the same technology, which is made as Trezor Model T. these are the hardware wallet capable of supporting different Cryptocurrencies. It is also made using the best quality materials and is available in variable colors. The composition of the materials on the Corazon Wallet is incredibly strong and completely lightweight. CORAZON wallets are available in the 4 different colors such as

  • Space gray
  • Pulsar red
  • Galactic blue
  • Galactic purple

Apart from these, there is also a version with titanium colors. But the cost of the Titanium version is higher. Gold and Rose Gold Titanium color versions are also available. When you are looking to explore the fantastic world of Gray Corazon Wallet, then you can easily buy them.

Why Choose A Trezor Model T?

The Trezor Model T is from CORAZON, and this takes inspiration from the most successful models of SatoshiLabs. It has easy to use 0.83-inch touchscreen display and connects with computers and mobile phones.  The Corazon Wallet is an advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet suitable for storing Bitcoin, passwords, tokens as well as other keys with confidence. Below are the reasons for using T – Crypto Hardware Wallet

  • Trezor keeps your keys safe
  • Back up wallet
  • Invented for better digital independence
  • Store passwords safely
  • 5-star customer support
  • Reinforce Accounts with U2F
  • Verified by security researchers with excellent track records
  • Transparent security

How To Set Up The Corazon?

When you are receiving the Corazon Wallet, you will have a hardware wallet, USB type C to type A charger, and recovery seed card. Follow the below instructions to set up the Corazon.

  • Open your web browser
  • Visit
  • Choose Trezor Model T product
  • Install Trezor Bridge
  • Plug the device into a computer
  • Click “install firmware” to install system firmware
  • Now unplug and re-plug the device after installation
  • Refresh the site
  • You will see a welcome message
  • Click “create new” on the welcome page
  • Click “create a backup in three minutes”3.
  • Write the words as they appear
  • Swipe the button on the device
  • Write down the words correctly in the same order
  • Name your device
  • Assign PIN
  • You are ready to use

The digital key grants you access to coins as well as other data. The Corazon Wallet stores all keys allowing you to use them safely. Normally, all the keys do not leave the device, so you can easily keep them isolated from any kind of online vulnerabilities.

How To Load Funds Onto Your Wallet?

For loading funds, you need to use the Corazon hardware wallet along with the Trezor Wallet computer program. These steps are enabled with the Trezor Bridge program. Now you can easily Start by plugging Corazon into your computer. You need to open a software wallet with funds that you want to transfer to your Corazon.

  • Select cryptocurrency to load on Corazon’s interface
  • Click the “receive” tab
  • Choose “show full address.”
  • Show receiving address on Corazon
  • Copy receiving address to the browser
  • Double-check it
  • Initiate transactions from wherever you are sending funds from

Stunning Texture:

Corazon Trezor Wallet is perfectly enabled with a mechanically textured surface and matte finish. It comes in an attractive black box the twin security seals. Now you can brace your wrist to hand wrap around the hardware wallet.

 The Corazon Wallet has a beautiful texture and is made with high-end cutting tools as well as CNC machine tools. The second layer in the box peels reveals a quick-start guide along with the recovery cards. The third layer has a USB cord for getting quick connectivity. The simple yet breathtakingly designed surface makes it stunning and secure to use.  

Conclusion about Corazon Trezor Wallet T:

Trezor technology stores your keys in a secure way, and you can access them anytime. All the keys are stored in the device, and they are isolated. Corazon Wallet enabled with Shamir Backup (SLIP39) standard. The advanced security system gives you peace of mind even in the event device has been misplaced.