Cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform Bitrue Coin Wallet offers staking and investment programs in addition to advanced trading capabilities. For intermediate to advanced cryptocurrency users, this combination of offerings is best suited for active trading, futures, lending, and staking for high returns.

Among the first exchanges to offer loans that are supported and backed by crypto and blockchain is Bitrue. Crypto enthusiasts can now take advantage of a unique system. The Bitrue ecosystem inspires trust and a sense of safety in those who use this trading platform, thanks to their trust token that is present across five continents. Bitrue combines the functionality of crypto exchanges into one platform, but previously they were spread across various apps.

Overview of Bitrue coin wallet

The Singapore-based Bitrue Exchange and Cryptocurrency Financial Products Company was founded in 2018 and is based in Singapore. If you live anywhere that this company supports, the odds are you do as well. The company offers many advanced products in addition to a large range of currencies for spot trading.

Cryptocurrency purchases and sales are made easy for new users by the simple cryptocurrency purchase form. A variety of products are available on the site for investors who have experience in crypto and other active markets, even though the site is targeted toward active traders.

In spite of the strong security practices in place today at Bitrue coin wallet, the company has been hacked in the past. The difference was refunded to customers, so there were no losses, but this could be a red flag to move your assets elsewhere.

Is BTR coin legit and trusted?

Since Bitrue is registered in Singapore, as are most crypto exchanges, it operates within its borders. Despite its hacking, the website still operates and maintains a competitive edge with more than 4.2 million accounts. Security experts warn, however, that some improvements are needed on the website.

The Bitrue platform allows individuals to trade cryptocurrency in Europe, America, Japan, Canada, and other countries. Even though the brand operates on a massive trust token network, some of its unique or outstanding features may not be regulated much.

Fees structure of Bitrue

Unlike its competitor, Bitrue coin wallet charges a reasonable 2% commission for regular trading, but 3.5% for credit and debit card purchases. According to the pair, customers choose, they are likely to pay 0.098% to 0.32% for trades. The fees for trading XRP are more than three times as expensive as those for trading other assets on Bitrue, as XRP is a large percentage of the assets users trade.  For traders who use Bitrue’s native token (BTR), Bitrue offers a 30% discount.


A strong security model is currently in place at Bitrue, including two-factor authentication, cold wallet storage, lockouts of customer accounts, and emailed safety codes. In case a hack occurs that’s the fault of Bitrue, the company has a fund of 38 million XRP and 40 million BTR set aside to reimburse users.

The reputation of this exchange has been tarnished by a major security breach in the past. Bitcoin, Ripple, and Cardano wallets were compromised by cybercriminals in 2019. However, while customers didn’t lose any funds because Bitrue covered the losses, it’s still important to pay attention to this security breach.

 Customer service

In addition to its Telegram channel, Bitrue offers email support. In addition to Twitter, users can contact basic customer support through the social network.

To open an email ticket with customer service, you will need to submit a request, and a member of the customer service staff will reach out (via email) within one working day.

While Bitrue does provide fundamental data through assist articles, its platform is challenging to navigate. Most facts are contained inside announcement posts and are no longer in particular well-organized.

Features of Bitrue coin

  • The company offers high incentives and has some of the lowest trading fees in the industry as compared with most of its competitors. Crypto loans will be available at a 15% annual percentage rate, making it one of the first crypto exchanges to offer them. Users of the service/product can earn interest in their crypto via Power Piggy. The platform has a crypto investment section if you want to earn more. You will be able to invest your cryptocurrency there to generate a higher return.
  • Bitrue members can monitor assets on most exchanges and leverage them with Bitrue. There is also the option of storing digital currency in BTR lockups (although there is no fiat currency depository), which can be helpful for beginners setting up their Bitrue accounts. Ripple Labs developed XRP, which is free for users to use and store on their website.

Is Bitrue account safe?

In addition to user safety and data confidentiality, the platform claims to place a high priority on data security. There is a split among third-party reviews about Bitrue’s security. It has a multi-signature cold wallet as well as a multi-signature hot wallet. Some recommend it, while others urge you to look elsewhere.

Its popularity and unique features in the market that they’re providing are really amazing.

BTR price prediction 2023

Bitrue Coin’s market price is expected to skyrocket in 2023 following its increased acceptance and arrangements with other major blockchain networks, resulting in an estimated trading price of $0.54. If they maintain their pricing ranges, Bitrue Coin will be quite trendy. Our expectations are for an average price of $0.45 and a maximum price of $0.54 in 2023 if everything goes smoothly.

BTR price prediction 2024

BTR’s long-term price estimate will increase in the future since there is still hope that the currency will be able to attract more attention in the future. This signals the crypto sector is entering a new period of increased growth. Approximately $0.67 will be the average price by 2024, and $0.65 will be the minimum price. The highest possible price may be approximately $0.76.

BTR price prediction 2025

In light of BTR’s superiority, and the fact that the Bitrue Coin community is so large, prices will reach new highs during a time of market volatility. Price fluctuations are difficult to predict during a time of bullish or bearish market conditions. By the end of 2025, Bitrue Coin’s price is expected to reach about $0.97, the best price we can obtain will be $1.12, and the average price will be about $1.00. The crypto market predicts that the price will fluctuate a lot between $0.97 to $1.12 by 2025.

This is the price prediction for the next 3 years, It is not sure that it touches this much amount maybe it goes down maybe it can go more than the prediction price. But this is just a prediction that it can go up to $ 1.00 maybe it can go up.

Conclusion about Bitrue coin wallet

There are many reasons to invest in Bitrue coin and platform, as it caters to the XRP investing community and is designed especially for advanced crypto traders. It offers a wide selection of coins, leveraged trading, and crypto borrowing, as well as the ability to earn interest on crypto assets. Overall, Bitrue is a decent option for active traders that want access to margin and futures trading, but it does have some security concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is the BTR coin a good investment option?

As a result of the technology, in addition to the application cases, BiTrue Coin has proven to be a good investment on occasion. As a result, the Blockchain is being applied to a wide range of real-world applications, thereby increasing its value.

Does Bitrue require KYC to withdraw?

KYC is not compulsory, you can buy, sell, invest, etc without any KYC you can use a bitrue wallet.

Is It a scam or legit?

With millions of registered users, Bitrue has proven to be the crypto exchange of choice across a wide range of industries and geographies. The platform continues to inspire trust and accountability among its users.

Can you withdraw from Bitrue to your bank account?

You may encounter additional fees for specific account needs that are less common, such as an international wire transfer, when withdrawing cryptocurrency to an exchange or wallet. Fiat withdrawals to your bank account are free.

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